My Story

Folks are often asking me how I came to practice my craft and what helped me become a successful pain management/postural restoration/movement therapist. So, here is some of the background from whence I sprang!

Spiritual Foundation

After several years at university studying biology, it became clear that that academic life wasn’t for me.  Feeling I was lacking direction and meaning in my life I began a search to understand why I was unhappy and what I could do about it.

Fortunately, shortly after leaving school I was introduced to a Zen Buddhist monk/meditation teacher. I felt like I had finally found my calling–an immersion into spiritual life. After 17 years of study in Zen meditation, Taoist Yoga, nutritional well-being and communal living it became clear that it was time to share with the world what I had learned.

To this day I continue to engage my spiritual roots with a daily meditation practice. My movement training and maintenance program have continued and include various 3-D movement practices such as Tai Chi, yoga, breath work and ground-based martial arts (Brazilian Jujitsu).

When I’m not busy with work I enjoy spending time with my wife and friends. I am an avid gardener and my wife and I have just completed rehabbing a 6000 square foot property in the City of Detroit to be used as an organic flower and vegetable garden. 

Unremitting back pain
Beginning at the age of 19 I suffered from sciatica-like symptoms in my left leg. *Sciatica is condition in which the sciatic nerve and/or the associated tissues or compromised creating nerve pain that can radiate into the hip legs and even feet-VERY uncomfortable. Here is a link from the Mayo’s clinic’s website which explains in further detail:


As a solution, I sought out surgery. Being young and relatively fit I was sure this would be a breeze. Unfortunately, the surgery was a failure, even setting me up for worse back pain in the years that followed. Fortunately, this setback spurred me to begin intensive training in body-centered therapies that helped me fully recover and inspired my life’s work.



  • Undergraduate Studies In Biology – Wayne State University

Hands-on Manual Therapy:

  • Structural Integration (Advanced Certification) – Anatomy Trains School of Structural Integration
  • Licensed Massage Therapist – Irene’s Myomassology Institute
  • Functional Manual Release (FMR) – Gray Institute

Movement Studies:

  • Gift Fellowship in Applied Functional Science – Gray Institute
  • Martial Arts practitioner  (Tai Chi, Brazilian Jujitsu, Sun-do)
  • Yoga practitioner


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Sat: 9am – 2pm

PHONE: 313-757-2544