The process

The assessments help me devise individualized strategies to help my clients improve their personal situation through movement and hands-on therapies. This results in improved mobility, stability and reduction in physical distress.



  • Postural Analysis
  • Movement Analysis


  • Manual: MFR, SI, FMR
  • Movement: FMR, 3D-MAPS, Movement re-education utilizig the principles of AFS 


  • Follow up analysis and therapy
  • Set new goals for improvement

Inital consultation and Starter Kit

Together we explore the structural and movement-associated issues behind what you want to heal or improve. We’ll discuss how I can help you, making a plan for multi-session work or for the 12-Series approach. You’ll leave this session with a “starter kit” of tailored exercises and self-myofascial release techniques designed specifically for you.

This consult will give you the tools and information you will need to maintain and improve your overall movement and postural health moving forward.

SIngle session

Periodic assessment and manual therapy integrated with movement rehab and training to improve biomechanical function.

12 series structural integration

12 progressive structural integration sessions integrated with movement rehab and training for optimal biomechanical function.


10 + 15 =


Tues/Fri/Sat: 9am – 5pm

PHONE: 313-757-2544