Movement Brought to Life




“Good posture enhances your every move and vice versa…ad infinitum.”

Progressive postural fitness

Good posture and ease of movement support each other powerfully and seamlessly.  I foster both, using advanced manual therapy and movement rehab and retraining, for your optimal biomechanical health. 

Traditional structural anatomy tends to divide humans up into separate muscles, joints, etc. But we are so much more than the sum of our parts! Thanks to the advancements in functional anatomy, I support your body to move in three dimensions as a vital, interconnected “soft machine,” capable of a multitude of “ordinary miracles” of movement without pain or undue stress.

I assess how the various segments of your body align and relate to one another in the field of gravity, both in a neutral position and when moving through space. Then I draw from my advanced training in Anatomy Trains Structural Integration and Applied Functional Science to address your pain or disfunction and enhance your alignment and movement capacities.

Whether you’re an “average mover” or an elite athlete, I dedicate my mind and heart to helping you bring more and more of your movement capacities to life, increasing your health and vitality in the process.


Movement brought to life

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sessions With Karl Beers



  • Postural Analysis
  • Movement Analysis


  • Manual: MFR, SI, FMR
  • Movement: FMR, 3D-MAPS, Movement re-education utilizing the principles of AFS 


  • Follow up analysis and therapy
  • Set new goals for improvement




Postural Analysis

The study of the interrelationships between the various body segments during a neutral standing posture.

Movement analysis

Three-Dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance System (3DMAPS) leverages movements that are authentic to everyday life by utilizing all three planes of motion.

“All my work with you supports our goal of putting your body in the right position at the right time for the activity at hand.”

Real stories


Read some personal success stories from my clients!

I came to Karl because I tore a ligament in my left knee and was looking for options to avoid surgery. Still walking with a cane four weeks after my injury, I left his office without it after one session. His work and is insights are extremely effective and helped me build a deeper awareness of how I move my body to help with current injuries and prevent them in the future.

Kevin Hood

Karl not only helps with posture, but he makes your pain go away! I highly recommend him to anyone considering structural integration and to anyone who is having pain.

Maria Schmieder


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