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I came to Karl because I tore a ligament in my left knee and was looking for options to avoid surgery. Still walking with a cane four weeks after my injury, I left his office without it after one session. His work and is insights are extremely effective and helped me build a deeper awareness of how I move my body to help with current injuries and prevent them in the future.

Kevin Hood

I came to Karl for his 12 series of postural integration. I have old ankle and knee injuries and was preparing myself for running. During each session he showed me practical three dimensional movements to do that are easy to replicate at home. He explained why the movements were relevant to my healing. He also listened to me talk about my body and its progression toward healing, making adjustments to his treatment plan. I felt thought about during our sessions as well as between session. When I started working with him, I could not run more than 1 mile without extreme pain in my knee. By the end of the 12 series, I can run almost 3 miles with no pain and can discern easily when to stop and what movements will help correct the discomfort. I am so grateful for his time and attention.”

Cindy Tobias

I did Karl’s program and it was amazing how much it helped my low back/ hip issues and neck problems.  Karl was able to diagnose my issues and even reminded me of injuries I forgot about that impacted my gait and posture which contributed to my current pain.  We worked weekly through the problem to correct my alignment from head to toe.  It’s provided great relief and brought back my ability to be active without pain.  I can’t recommend his program enough.

Chris Sarsfield

Karl has changed my entire posture.  I have always had knees that hyperextend back which causes a host of problems in my pelvis and shoulders and then travels up into my neck. After completing a series of 12 sessions, my posture has changed in a way I never thought would be possible.  A good deal of our pain can be directly attributed to how we stand and how we move and where we have scar tissue restriction.  Karl is very specific about addressing all postural issues and over time, pain just fads away.  Thanks for all your help and expertise.”

Tammy Shivers

Karl not only helps with posture, but he makes your pain go away! I highly recommend him to anyone considering structural integration and to anyone who is having pain.

Maria Schmieder

It has been three years since my first visit with Karl. I was skeptical at first, but after repeated Doctor visits Karl came highly recommended for a hip injury. He was able to see me right away and within a day I was feeling tremendously better. As a lifelong athlete I was living with various aches and pains. I decided to continue my visits to see what he could do for my lifelong injuries and much needed postural corrections, I enrolled in the 12 series. He corrected my gait when walking which was the contributing factor to my knee pain. He changed my shoulders from turning inward to a more natural, upright posture which contributed greatly to regaining much more range of motion without pain. The amazing work he did on my feet, ankles and legs has made a tremendous difference in pain reduction. Karl is extremely knowledgeable and confidant in his ability to work with you, figure it out and make the body work properly. I highly recommend Karl, he is easy going, a good listener and truly dedicated to making your world a better place simply through less pain. 

Susan Medley

After working with Hobup my injury disappeared and I felt like I was new: he has a magical touch and is a genius about anatomy and muscular connections.

George Hoffman

I am a client of Karl Beers.  Karl was recommended by a friend of mine who is also an athlete.  I went to Karl with my concerns of pain in my knees and neck.  It is amazing how Karl can find the spots that are contributing to the pain that are in other areas of the body.  I would leave Karl’s office free from pain but also more limber and my range of motion would be improved.  Anytime I find myself with muscle pain that lasts more than a few days, I would definitely recommend seeing Karl before seeing a doctor.  The benefit of seeing Karl is he can assist in reducing the pain without surgery.  He is passionate about his work and compassionate to help others live a pain free life.

Ann Marie Heinrich


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